Important seating information for the banquet hall! 

What a blessing that our registration numbers are near capacity!  In order to honor all the seating requests we receive, all seating is assigned.   This will allow us to seat 3 to 8 in a group at a designated table.   We also offer mixer tables for those who want to meet new people.  The mixer tables are only for those coming alone or in groups of two.   Please honor these two options.  In either case, if there are two or more in a group, please indicate those group names. More details follow.   

 • For reserved seating: Choose one person from your group to be your group leader.  When you send in your reservations, the “group leader” must include all the names of the ladies in “her” group. Changes may be made, providing seating is available. Mailing of all your group’s reservations together is appreciated, but not necessary. When mailing separately, just make sure you indicate your “group leader’s name” with your reservations.

 • Seating Chart: There will be a seating chart posted at the front entrance door of the banquet hall.  Each table will have a number. Find your  name on the chart and that will tell you at what table number you will find seating for the entire retreat.

 • The location of your table will move twice on Saturday from its location Friday night and again on Sunday morning. That gives the people in the back of the room a chance to move closer to the front and visa-versa. Friday night write your table number on your folder.  There will be a new sign posted at the door showing you where your table number is located in the banquet hall on Saturday morning, Saturday evening for the banquet and on Sunday morning.

 • For 4 or more in a group, mail your registration in as soon as possible.

Mixer Tables:  The number of “mixer tables”  will depend on the number of requests we have for group seating. Mixer tables are for ladies coming by themselves or with one other person.  If you want seating with someone, please include their name.

 • The ladies at the “mixer tables” will be asked to voluntarily move to another “mixer table” Saturday morning, for the banquet, and again on Sunday.

 • If you sit at a “mixer table” Friday night, you must remain at a “mixer table” throughout the retreat as the seating at the other tables is fixed for the weekend.

 • Saturday Only Attendees: There will be some tables marked for Saturday only.  If you have someone in your group attending the retreat for the entire weekend and they have saved you a seat at their table, you may join them at that table.

 • Stationary Tables: We have tables reserved for attendees with special needs. Please indicate on your reservation form if you need special seating arrangements.

  Make sure you introduce yourself

to all the ladies at your table.

God’s Blessings on your weekend!


We are grateful we can share this weekend together.