Music Groups and Speakers


We are grateful to have 

His Witness

share their gift of music

with us on Saturday evening.

Our Story:  We are a contemporary Christian music group dedicated to spreading the truth of God’s word wherever we go. Our name comes from Acts 1:8, which says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” We first started playing together as part of the worship team at Faith Lutheran Church, in Fond du Lac, WI. The first original song we wrote together, ‘Children of the Light’, was inspired by Ephesians 5:14, which says, “Awake, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” We decided to record it and instantly fell in love with songwriting/ recording; so much so, that we went on to write nine more original tracks. This would become our debut album, ‘Champions’. ‘Champions’ is a Christian concept album which incorporates various musical colors to tell the story of hope and redemption for the lost ones. Through faith in Christ Jesus’ perfect life, innocent death, and resurrection, we are all champions over sin, death, and the powers of evil. It is our hope/ prayer that our ministry would truly serve as a witness to the One who loves us, unconditionally, and brought everlasting life to all who believe. To our gracious God be all glory, honor, and praise forever, Amen.

 Meet our Speakers:

  Jarrod Pfarr:

On Friday night Jarrod will start us off on our journey with contentment as he helps us take a stand against the negative influences in the world around us.   

Jarrod Pfarr holds a degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College, and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration from Concordia University, Irvine, California, and is excited to challenge you to think differently. He is currently promoting an online platform centered on leadership known as Project 4:12.

Naomi Schmidt:

On Saturday Naomi will focus on “The Secret of Contentment.” Even in a life of grace, Satan loves to plant seeds of discontent and cast shadows of doubt to darken our joy. Yet the Word of God not only fills us with peace—it protects us from those attacks and strengthens us when we face them! Naomi will point us to powerful truths of Scripture that shape our thinking and guard our hearts against Satan’s lies. Live in the fullness of Christ and be content in any and every situation!

Naomi is a life-time student of the Word who loves connecting women with Scripture to help them apply Christ-centered truths with meaning and relevance. She teaches Bible study and writes devotions, prayers and Advent by Candlelight services. She enjoys encouraging women as she speaks at events and conferences, and serves on the WELS Women’s Ministry Executive Committee. Naomi recently published a personal and group Bible study, “Ruth – Living in God’s unfailing faithfulness.”
Naomi and her husband have been blessed with 7 grandchildren who keep them busy and very happy!

Julie Karbula:           

“’Just’ a Journey to Contentment” 

Maybe you’ve thought about yourself this way. If not, you know someone who has. I’m “just” a mom. I’m “just” an assistant. I’m “just” a teacher’s aide. The truth is, God doesn’t make “just a’s.” You were made ON purpose WITH purpose. Life doesn’t always take us on the paths we had planned for ourselves. Yet, through Christ, we can follow that path and find true joy and contentment on the journey.

Hey friends! My name is Julie Karbula and I love Jesus, coffee, and living a healthy life. I am a 40 year old former teacher turned teacher’s aide, a wife to Nick, and mom to Taylor (15), Maya (13), Ella (12), and Riggins (9). I moonlight as an online health and fitness coach, and from that hobby blossomed my social media platform, “Fueled by Faith and Fitness.” It is there that I use “fitness as my witness” to encourage and share Jesus with others. That has turned into a place where I share my daily life as a busy mom, and how facing each new challenge is only possible when we look to our God for the guidance, strength, support, comfort and true peace we can only find in Him. By God’s grace we are never alone! I can’t wait to meet you!

Jenni Schubring      

Jenni is a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker and owner of Jenni Schubring LLC. She is a Nexecute licensed coach which allows her to bring their tools to her clients and audiences. Jenni has served as a camp program director, child care director, stay at home mom, office manager of a Christian counseling center, and is currently a licensed foster mom, Jenni wants everyone to experience the freedom and empowerment that comes with knowing who they are in Christ. She has had the opportunity to speak at conferences, women’s retreats, and trainings. She facilitates workshops as well as speaking to groups of all sizes. Jenni lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her husband, 5 children, and their dog.


On Sunday Pastor Leon Ehlert will share a Bible study with us on Phil. 4:13 and lead our worship service.   

Below are the sermon texts that Pastor Ehlert said he would share:

Mental Health #1text Mental Health 2 Mental Heal