We are grateful to have the Branches Band share their gift of music with us

for our Saturday evening entertainment.



Branches Band exists to serve Christ through their music.  Members of the band Andy Braun (guitar, vocals, and harmonica) and Rachel Braun (vocals, small percussion, and piano) travel all over the country with this ministry.  They play hymns and original songs based on scripture to edify worship services, add fun to church functions, help with VBS, and so much more!  For a complete schedule and more information about Branches Band, visit:  www.branchesband.com or find them at www.facebook.com/branchesband.  CDs and other merchandise will be available afterwards. 



Mr. Kenneth J. Kremer, author of A Heart at Peace, is a former principal, teacher, and family counselor.  A frequently published author, he served as the family ministry editor at Northwestern Publishing House before his retirement.

Amber Albee Swenson has a BFA in Creative Writing from Southwest Minnesota Sate University.  She is married and has four children, a dog and a cat.  She writes Bible studies, devotions, plays, songs and has one novel under her belt.  She’s publishes two books, Bible Moms and The Whisper.